Green Tree Pythons UK by Steve Fuller Dedicated to Breeding GTPs, Captive Bred Chondros Morelia Viridis. Best Viewed 1024 x 768 .pic by aaron florian. ENTER

Welcome to Green Tree Pythons UK. We have a great passion for these wonderful snakes from the New Guinea and Northern Australian rain forests. This species of snake formally know as Chondropython Viridis and now know as Chondros or Morelia Viridis are one of our planets finest snake species.

Chondros are arboreal snakes which simply means living in trees, they rarely come down to ground getting there water intake from the drops on leaves. Chondros can reach up to approximately 6 feet in length with a 3 inch girth which makes them a slender snake species ideal for wrapping themselves around branches, which they hang from when in search of food. Chondros can be temperamental snakes, especially the Biak locality but captive bred animals tend to be less aggressive ( like the Aru type ) than there wild caught cousins.

As the name Green Tree Python suggests Chondros are normally green in colour but there are exceptions to the rule and some of these different morphs are highly sort after and often highly priced. Chondro babies are quite peculiar, when hatching from the egg they are normally yellow or brownish red depending on there locality and turn green as they get older, this colour change can be dramatic usually completing by one year of age, there are exceptions where the Biak and recently discovered Kafiau island / Kofiau Island locality animals seem to break the rule.

Chondros are notoriously difficult to produce babies from as many of the conditions needed to produce captive babies are very critical, not least incubating the eggs where many serious breeders have been perfecting the technique over the last 20 - 30 years. Keeping the eggs at near 100% humidity without letting a drop of water settle on the eggs and holding the temperature constant for 50 days with little or no fluctuation can only be a great challenge for anyone, how does mum do it, in the wild, she makes small sharp movements whilst coiled round the eggs keeping them at the desired temperature, clever mum, just like mine.


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