Feeding Adults

The first thing about feeding adult Chondro's we should remember is to use a long pair of tongs when offering any meal. Chondro's are very sensitive to heat and your hand can easily be mistaken for a juicy meal. Ideally tongs or forceps should be long enough to keep out of striking distance. I have found the best time to offer meals is within a few hours of lights out, but many Chondro's will accept meals at any time. There are two main meals readily available at any good reptile/pet shops, being either Rats or Mice. I prefer to feed my adults defrosted Rats, which are obviously larger than mice. As a general rule I feed my Chondro's with Rats the same girth as the Snakes body, every 14 days.

Green Tree Python - ChondroGreen Tree Python - Chondro

Feeding Neonates

Feeding baby Chondro's can at times be very frustrating. There natural food in the wild consists of baby frogs, lizards, etc. Pinkie Mice are not there natural food and it can take some work getting them to feed. Patience is a must. When they get used to the scent of pinkies, feeding becomes much easier and not so much of a challenge. I've found after about 6 meals they tend to be more akin to the scent, but may need restarting if transported to a new home. Many breeders will only let them go after they are well established and had 10 - 15 meals inside them, but that's not to say they shouldn't be sold un till this time. Keen and well versed individuals should be able to entice them to feed. There are several tricks that can be used.