Keeping Chondro's at the correct Humidity is Very Important.

They come from the East side of Indonesia where its is Humid most of the time.

Below is a Map of Indonesia which is updated Frequently showing how Humid it is.

Looking at the right hand corner of the Map it is clear to see how much.

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Humidity in the cage can be achieved by spraying water every day or so. Chondros need to have a drying off period, which can only be judged on individual setup's. Spraying too often can lead to fungus and mold growing in your enviroment and spraying too little can cause bad sheds which stresses the animal out. I give my snakes a good misting in the morning and often this only needs to be done every other day, but thats how my setup's work, my neonates on the other hand are given a more humid enviroment.